Loved this place! Freshly made pandesal is a big plus! Yummy pandecoco and spanish bread! The food here is also better than other filipino grocery stores. Definitely must try!

Esi A.


Love their fresh Spanish bread & pandesal! My go to spot for these items, especially with their great prices.

It's a small filipino grocery shop and I typically just come here for the fresh bread items and/or snacks. I see that they're expanding soon as well.

I have yet to try their food items, but will be looking to order for catering as their prices look pretty decent for that. I have also came during the lunch hours as well and they can get pretty busy. So this must be a sign their food is delicious! You can eat here or take it to go, there are a few seats located in the front of the store.

Tina P.


They have the best, freshest Filipino food around. Delicious, tasty & not oily like other places. My Mom & I tasted their ensaymada & my Mom said it tasted like the special ensaymadas from Malabon eons ago. Their ube cake roll (I ordered a full log for $20) was very fresh & to die for. I honestly believe it tastes like or even better than Red Ribbon's. Not too sweet & you can taste the ube/taro root flavor. The best Filipino food is just around this corner!

Jessica F.


Highly recommended...the rumor about the good pandesal, it's true . Tried kare-kare, sinigang, fried tilapia, pansit and bought different kakanin like sapin sapin, pitchi pitchi, kutsinta. The pandesal, freshly baked and it's really good!

I will definitely go back here again.

P C.


The Pan de sal and Spanish bread is so yummmmy!

It just brings you back home, its filipino comfort food.

Theres always alot to choose from and its easy and quick to order if you want some home made style freshly fried lumpia.

Check this place out and you'll surely enjoy the food and the breads.

Rex Jon M.


Best spanish bread and pandesal in town! I keep on coming back!. Feels like I'm in the Phil. lol

Alvin I.


I can only comment on their baked goods and it is unequivocally rated 5 stars.

Their spanish bread and pandesal are great!

They do not have their baked items displayed, presumably because they can't keep them on the shelves long enough.

A six pack of the spanish bread will not go unconsumed on the way back home.

It is THAT good.

Dino D.


I discovered their pandisal (bread). I called first to put aside 2 dozens for pick up later in the afternoon Perfect arrangement, the excellent bread and polite service. Very pleased.

Pong J.


I've gotten take-out here several times for my Filipina wife. She is often critical of take-out / restaurant food but is always happy with the food from Lina's..."they are really good cooks".

The store is small...they sell a basic variety of Filipino/Asian grocery items. They have a steam table in the back with 6 entrees and a hot plate with cooked fish (Daing) and BBQ pork on a stick. They also sell some fresh baked breads (my kids love the pan de sal), and some items from other places (I saw cassava from Sariling Atin) there.

Entrees vary, but may consist of Sinigang, Nilaga, Caldereta, Bopis, Diniguan, Afritada, etc. A 16 oz. container runs $6/$7/$8 for veggie/chicken&fish/beef, and 32 oz. containers are a little less than double ($12 for a chicken entree). 6 pieces of pan de sal will set you back $2.50.

They have a couple tables to eat at, but I seldom see customers dining in.

Service is friendly. I pick up food there any time I'm in the vicinity.

greg t.


the best Filipino marketplace in the western suburbs. Lina is very nice and will help you with what you need.

Nick C.